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Teaching Roles & Requirements


Preparation of a Video Resume : As a first step of the application, DIU requires a video resume (must be in English) from interested candidates to measure the reflection on his/her own eligibility on how much he/she is capable and able to present. A video resume is a recorded expression of the applicant's professional experience, qualifications, and interests relevant to the job being applied for, submitted to a prospective employer in a video form. You can make a video resume by using a smartphone with simple editing. A professional recording would be highly appreciated. A standard video resume should not be more than three (3) minutes. What to say should, therefore, be thought out carefully and planned through sketches before recording. To form an idea of possible contents for making a video resume please click here and to see a sample video resume please click here

Preparation of a short class lecture Video: A video lesson or lecture is a video (must be in English) which presents educational material for a suitable topic in a manner that students will be able to understand and learn. It can be a video of a teacher speaking to the camera, presentation of photographs/powerpoint and text about the topic or some mixture of these in an area where a teacher feels comfort. The teacher should make efforts to make the class interactive by starting with a question that the video will answer. A standard class lecture video should not take more than five (5) minutes to be completed. To see a sample class lecture video please click here

After completing the video resume and class lecture video the applicant needs to upload the video in youtube or Vimeo as s/he prefere and input the link in the applicant application form


After joining, the teacher will have to carry out the following digital activities to be considered for increment and promotion determined by their KPI marks.

Developing Google Sites: Proper documentation is necessary for every profession. To keep documents and records related to academic and extracurricular activities, DIU prefers the use of Google Sites which requires no prior programming knowledge and is easy as maintaining text editing applications. DIU expects its faculty members to maintain and keep their work records, event records and other relevant information in Google Sites. Detailed guidelines on making and managing Google Sites can be found in the link below:

  2. Also, if you require more guidance or help, you can contact Ms. Sabiha Afrin of DIU Blended Learning Center (email:

Digital Contents: eachers are expected to be masters of creating content for their courses. Teachers should not only teach but also generate contents so that their students can learn easily from them. This content can be produced in many ways. However, we live in a digital era and Daffodil International University has established itself as one of the pioneer digital universities in the country. Thus, it expects its teachers to produce many different digital contents to enhance the learning experience of the students. Digital contents can be short video tutorials, presentations, documents (doc, docx, pdf), audio/podcasts, etc. Among them, short video contents are found to be more effective in terms of engaging students. You can find a guideline on creating video content on your own from the link below:

  2. Also, if you require more guidance or help, you can contact Ms. Sabiha Afrin of DIU Blended Learning Center (email:

Course Repository: To maintain and audit the quality of the courses and to keep them updated, it is required to have a central course repository of all contents of your course. Course repository includes all the necessary contents such as assignments, course outlines, lesson plans, sample tests, instructions, activities (both offline and online) and guidelines required to run the course. Teachers need to get involved to develop their course repository in DIU Blended Learning Center Platform (Moodle). Contents for a course repository given as a template can be found in the link below:

  2. For further assistance and information, please contact Ms. Sabiha Afrin of DIU Blended Learning Center (email:

Using Google Classroom: Students are the citizens of the 21st Century and to ensure their learning as an institution, DIU needs to ensure that they remain engaged with their learning contents even beyond the classroom walls and hours. Also, teachers need to ensure that classroom time is used to solve their learning gaps and problems. Google Classroom is a great platform to engage students digitally and help them learn. How to engage students through subject based questions can be found in the link: The Google Classroom tool can be accessed from You can log in using the email address DIU has provided you. Guidelines on Google Classroom can be found in the following link:

  2. Please note, you can engage students either in Google Classroom or in Moodle. Whichever platform you select to engage your students, you need to mention them in your course repository along with necessary links and instructions

Mentoring And Counseling: In the 21st Century, teachers need to play the role of facilitators. They not only teach students but also guide them to recover from their problems to ensure that they are motivated and learning happens. Mentoring and counseling is thus a very important aspect of being a good teacher. Mentoring and counseling are thus a mandatory KPI for teachers in DIU. DIU has a very robust system to keep mentoring and counseling data and reports. Detail guideline for this system is available in the link below:

  2. Additionally, you can contact Mr. Omar Faruk (, +88 01847140014) for further assistance or query

Research and Higher study: The purpose of a university is to generate new knowledge through research. DIU thus promotes academic research and higher study through many policies. Research and higher study are also important for the professional development of the teachers. Policies for research and Higher study can be found in the link below:

  1. For further guidance and query on the matter, please contact Director (Research) (email:
  2. DIU also promotes student-centric research. So it is a good idea to involve your students with your research.

DIU Forum: Forum is a digital discussion board. Both teachers, students, and administrative officials use the Forum to share knowledge, queries, important updates, information, etc. Thus remaining active in the Forum by utilizing it for discussion between teachers of the same subject can help teachers to keep themselves up to date, aid in professional development, give the opportunity to engage further with the students. DIU Forum can be accessed through You can register in the Forum with your email address provided to you by Daffodil International University. For problems, please contact:

Technology-oriented communication: Daffodil International University is widely known to be a pioneer in digital universities in Bangladesh. The university has thus modernized its method of communication. Maximum important communication happens through email, whats app, Google Meet, mobile phones, etc. Remaining active in these platforms is a key requirement from the university. University IT section can provide all the necessary help or assistance on this matter.

Knowledge about the Art of Living and Employability 360*:DIU has introduced two unique courses for its students called Art of Living and Employability 360 to ensure that they can be effective citizens and contributors for the country and can be ready for job placements. As it is a general expectation from students, it is also expected that teachers of Daffodil International University would also have a sound knowledge of these two courses.

Industrial Attachment:Teachers as subject experts need to always remain up to date with the current developments in the industry. It is, therefore, necessary for teachers to keep a close connection with relevant industries so that they can understand and extract out the requirements in industries, the latest knowledge in the field and possible career opportunities for the students.

Maintaining Proper Dress Code and approach::Teachers are expected to be present a clean, modest and professional appearance. Clothing with offensive or inappropriate designs is not allowed where showing positive, helpful and smiling approach always be appreciated at the premises.

To view job circulars please go through the above mentioned expectations and certify below that you agree with them.